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We are a UK based Software developing & Data Processing Company established on March 03rd 2003. Under the close supervision of our mother company, we are fully committed to providing highest service for customer satisfaction.

Our company consists of a dedicated team who work in a very challenging working environment, meeting the demands of international clients which are ranging from the processing of Metadata to software development.

We use

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Grab your bats because the Adelanka Premier League is here. Come enjoy with us and get your APL Trophy!

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Our Teams

Production Team

This is the heart of Adelanka where most of the employees are occupied and various data processing and client services projects are being carried out.

IT Team

The IT Team consists of a wide variety of professionals who are responsible for planning, developing, monitoring and maintaining information systems and services.

HR & Finance Team

As the Human Resources Team, their fundamental philosophy is to create a better working environment in all aspects relating to HR safeguarding equity and equality among everyone in order to generate and develop more energetic, motivated, well-disciplined and loyal employees.

Batsman.com Team

Batsman.com is a web-based sports media unit operating in Sri Lanka for several years now. It is committed with a strong vision to provide support to cricket in Sri Lanka.

What they say

Kirk Zavieh

CEO / Director
Adelanka is a rare and beautiful family of many. I am very proud of you and would like to share this quote with you all. “Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of a candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” With that thought, I’m sending you all my love from London. Congratulations!
I believe that success for both the employee and the organisation is determined by employees’ capabilities to produce quality yields very efficiently. The higher the quality and the efficiency, the higher the benefits for the organisation and for all its employees. Each person's role is important, not only to his or her own success but also to the success of every other person at Adelanka. I am truly excited about this journey and believe the best of Adelanka years are yet to come.

Kumara Gamhewage

General Manager

Our Vision

To be the number one information technology enabled services provider.

Our Mission

To reach our vision by delivering a superior experience to our clients through the most effective processes, highly motivated and dedicated staff, the latest technologies tailored with the core organisational values, namely, family, quality and innovation.

Our Values

a. Family - Adelanka is committed to supporting the family concept in every meaning of this word ensuring everyone in our family is looked after including our clients.

b. Quality - With the continuous process improvements and firm standards, we are committed to providing the maximum level of quality in our service deliverable.

c. Innovation - As an information technology enabled services provider, we practice everything based on an innovative culture. Therefore, we utilize the latest and sophisticated technologies to cater the maximum satisfaction to our clientele.

Find Us

Head Office:

No. 305,

R A De Mel Mawatha,

Colombo 03


+94 (0)115 765 566 / +94 (0)115 765 577

Gampaha Branch:


Ja-Ela Road,



+94 (0)332 224 884